FutureFive NZ - No way. Hirers care more about CVs than social media


No way. Hirers care more about CVs than social media

Kiwi jobseekers: Spend less time deleting photos from your social media, and more time working on your CV and job interview skills. Independent research from Robert Half, a recruitment company, has revealed the key influences on job hunting success.

According to the research, none of the hiring managers who were surveyed reported a candidate’s social media profile as having any impact on the hiring process. This applied to hires for both staff-level and management-level roles.

Unsurprisingly, fundamental factors of job searching reign supreme in a candidate’s potential success. A solid CV and good interview skills are still more important than your social media presence.

45% of New Zealand HR managers say the candidate’s CV is by far the most important factor when recruiting for management-level positions. The figure drops to 38% for staff-level positions.

A candidate’s performance during the interview is almost equally weighted. 38% of hiring HR managers say the candidate’s CV has the most impact for management-level positions, and 30% agree for staff-level positions.

“Candidates who are faced with tough competition for job vacancies should know as much as possible what influences the final decisions of hiring managers. Doing so can mean the difference between being offered the role and being passed over,” says Megan Alexander, general manager at Robert Half New Zealand.

“While social media have secured a fixed place in the recruitment world, the research confirms that the traditional elements in the hiring process, being the CV and the job interview, are still considered to be the most important elements.”

However, that is not to say that social media isn’t entirely unimportant.

“While the traditional resume and the interview still have the most impact on hiring decisions, social media butterflies should be cautious,” says Alexander.

“Hiring managers do generally check LinkedIn, Facebook or even Twitter profiles before extending an offer. Jobseekers can still display some personality online, but they need to make sure to maintain good conduct online at all times, even for private social media channels and especially in the digital age where online profiles are increasingly accessible to almost everyone.”

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