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Nokia and Microsoft beat Apple to product launch

20 Aug 2012

After days of rumours in the press, Nokia and Microsoft appear set to launch the Windows 8 Phone before Apple makes their long-awaited product announcement.

Speculation surrounding the Nokia and Microsoft media event has developed further with reports claiming the mobile phone manufacturers will launch the Windows 8 Phone.

With a press conference scheduled for September 5 in New York, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop says the company will ‘soon’ unveil a new smartphone using Microsoft’s latest smartphone software – Windows Phone 8.

The announcement will come one week before rivals Apple is expected to reveal its biggest second-half product launch on September 12.

Experts expect the highly anticipated iPhone 5 and iPad Mini to be brought to the market, as Nokia attempts to keep up with industry pace while it phases out its Symbian smartphones in favour of a partnership with Microsoft.

The company, which once held 40% of the entire global mobile phone market, could also introduce its first tablet computer at the event, according to reports on Finland.

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