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Nokia follows Microsoft's lead… bashes Apple's iPad

26 Nov 2013

In a bid to promote the new Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet, Nokia has taken a leaf out of Microsoft's book - by shamelessly bashing Apple's iPad.

The new advert takes aim at Cupertino's device, branding the product limited in a desperate bid to convert users from arguably the most popular tablet on the market.

While not referencing the iPad directly, comments such as "Did I mention one of these has been to space" offers the clearest indication that Nokia has resorted to Apple bashing in a bid to sell more products.

Yet alarmingly, of the 1:18 clip, as The Next Web website rightly points out, the Nokia tablet isn't visible until 1:02, offering little in the way of explaining the Windows tablet.

"The Nokia Lumia 2520: The right tablet if you don't want to choose, work OR play, battery OR bulk," Nokia says.

"We know lots of people buy a tablet because they don't like to carry a heavier, bigger laptop everywhere they go, but how does that work out?"

Check out the advert below: