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Nokia unveils first LTE Windows phone

11 Jan 2012

Former phone powerhouse Nokia has unveiled the device it is hoping will herald its return to the top of the mobile phone market, five years to the day after Apple started the Finnish company’s decline with the launch of the very first iPhone.

The Lumia 900, due to launch on AT&T in the US in the next few months, is equipped to run on high-speed 4G LTE networks which are springing up around the world (though not, sadly, in New Zealand).

The device offers a larger screen than the Lumia 800, at 4.3 inches compared with 3.7, and includes two nifty cameras, a rear camera with a Carl Zeiss lens to take high quality images, and a front camera with a wide angle lens for better video calling (and self-portraits).

Chris Weber, president of Nokia Americas, says the Lumia series signifies ‘a new dawn for Nokia in the US’.

The device seems to add the technical grunt to the appealing style established by earlier Lumia models, and shows Nokia could be a resugent force provided it can compete with Apple on price when the phone hits the market.