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Norton unveils the Norton Core Wi-Fi Router

24 May 2018

For nearly thirty years Norton has been protecting our devices from potentially devastating malicious code via their range of antivirus and firewall software.

At CeBIT Australia 2018, held in Sydney’s new state-of-the -art International Convention Centre, Norton launched their first foray into hardware, the Norton Core Wi-Fi Router.

The striking silver sphere promises to defend homes at a network level, removing the need to install cybersecurity protection on each individual device. Instead, all devices connected to the internet via the Norton Core can enjoy a safe internet connection with no need for additional anti-virus software.

“Individual device security is no longer enough for today’s connected home. Identity and personal data are hot properties for cybercriminals, and we know hackers are exploiting even the humblest connected devices within the home to access personal and financial information,” said Mark Gorrie, Director, Norton Business Unit, Symantec Pacific region.

The NZ$449 cost of the Norton Core includes a one-year Norton Core Security Plus subscription. This keeps the Core’s virus definition database up-to-date and protecting up to ten devices (including mobiles) from malware, viruses and malicious activity outside the home.

All the updates occur automatically taking the worry out of ensuring your security suite is up-to-date. The Norton Core also analyses your network, giving it a security score and suggesting further security improvements.

After the included year’s subscription, Norton Core Security Plus can be extended at a cost of $NZ18.99/month. Owners that choose not to extend the Security Plus cover will still enjoy, seamless, automatic firmware updates to the Norton Core Wi-Fi Router, but without updates to the virus definition database.

The Norton Core plugs into your modem adding the latest AC2600 MU-MIMO (multiuser-multi input multi output) Wi-Fi technology to your network. The device promises to offer Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home via simultaneous 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless channels.

The device has two USB 3.0 ports and four Gigabit ethernet ports (three LAN plus one WAN) for wired networking connection and network storage.


As well as securing your home network from unwanted external intruders, the mobile app-based interface also features smart parental controls, allowing users to filter internet access, and to even switch the internet off for selected family members. On the other hand, gamers wanting a smooth online gaming experience can prioritise network traffic as required. The device also features the usual UPnP and port forwarding features.

The Norton Core Wi-Fi Router will appeal to users wanting a maintenance-free, integrated network security solution that just sits in the background doing its job. The device’s compact design and mooted capabilities suggests that there’s no longer a need to sacrifice aesthetics for wireless network performance.

The Norton Core will be available in New Zealand soon.  

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