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Not if, but when Titanfall comes to PS4

With EA’s new Franchise “Titanfall” coming to PC and next-gen Xbox One early 2014 it has become next year’s most anticipated release.

It appears with all of the hype and buzz it has been attracting, that it will only be a matter of time, before EA bring the title over to PlayStation4.

Vyralize report that no other shooter is shouting next-gen as much as Titanfall. It brings a completely new approach to shooters whereby you are always on the move, whether sprinting, leaping or in a giant mech looking to crush your enemies.

All of these elements have created a new fun method of combat that has gamers everywhere talking about how great Titanfall is.

So with all of this hype many on the web are suggesting it’s not if but when gamers will see this franchise on the PlayStation 4.

Vyralize explain that EA are masters when it comes to bringing us older titles different platforms, such as when they brought Mass Effect to the PS3.

Mass Effect 2 was released on PS3 a year after the Xbox 360 version and while the Xbox version sold more the PS3 versions have all sold over a million copies. So they are by no means failed ventures.

Titanfall appears to be as or if not more popular than Mass Effect meaning it should only be a matter of time before the title goes cross-platform.

So it appears the question now is when will EA release Titanfall to PS4? Will it be similar to the Mass Effect series and it will be released as Titanfall 2 releases on Xbox One?

Or will EA break the mould and release Titanfall on the PS4 before the next instalment is even announced?

On the other hand people may have got this completely wrong and Titanfall will stay as a PC and Xbox exclusive.

Are you purchasing a PS4 and would like to see Titanfall made available? Tell us your thoughts below