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NZ internet shopping on the rise…

04 Apr 2013

Singlehandedly destroying the traditional retail industry, or offering consumers more variety and better deals than ever before?

No matter what you think of online shopping, one thing is sure it’s here to stay.

And it seems Kiwis are hooked too.

Over the last nine years, purchasing goods and services on the internet has tripled across the country, according to Roy Morgan’s latest New Zealand State of the Nation report.

The recently launched report reveals that nearly 65% of Kiwis aged 14+ have used the internet to make a purchase (compared to 56.3% of Aussies), with 46.8% of the population buying something online in the last four weeks.

But what are New Zealanders buying online, exactly?

Most popular by far are Entertainment & Leisure products (for example, DVDs, music, concert tickets), with 41.8% of internet shoppers purchasing something from this category in an average four-week period.

Fashion products (24.9%) and electronic products (17.2%) are in second and third positions, with reading material (16.3%) a close fourth.

While pets and furniture were purchased by fewer people, their availability online speaks volumes for the diversity of what can be found — and bought — on the internet.

“Entertainment and leisure goods continue to be the most popular category of online purchase among New Zealanders by far, with fashion products and electronic items fast gaining ground," says Pip Elliott, GM, Roy Morgan Research NZ.

“One in every four Kiwis purchased fashion products online in an average four-week period, compared to 22.4% of Australians.

"However, Aussies buy more entertainment and leisure, electronics and reading material than their New Zealand counterparts.

“The fact that these same four categories top the lists on both sides of the Tasman for internet purchases suggests that traditional ‘bricks-and-mortar’ retailers in these areas need to provide an online alternative for their customers in order to maintain their competitive edge.”

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