FutureFive NZ - NZIX provides Kiwi schools with faster, better internet

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NZIX provides Kiwi schools with faster, better internet

The New Zealand Internet Exchange (NZIX) has welcomed New Zealand Schools as a ‘significant’ new member.

Operated by CityLink, the NZIX offers multi-lateral and bi-lateral exchange of traffic between peers.

It has been running since 1998 and now has a subscriber base of more than 80 ISPs, Content Delivery Networks (CDN), as well as media networks and education networks.

NZIX will deliver ‘an enhanced internet experience’ to New Zealand Schools by providing connectivity to the government-funded Managed Network.

The Managed Network was specifically designed and built by Network for Learning (N4L) for New Zealand’s 2,500+ schools.

The goal of the Managed Network is to ensure that all schools have equitable access to fast internet running at predictable speeds, with uncapped data, web filtering, and network security services.

“By peering on NZIX, schools gain direct and shorter paths to internet content, resulting in reduced latency and an even faster internet experience.

“At the same time, subscribers of NZIX can deliver content directly to schools, increasing cost efficiency,” says Nick Willis, CityLink chief executive.

Currently there are nearly 1,300 schools on the Managed Network, and the plan is that all schools will be connected by the end of 2016.

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