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NZQA to discuss digital assessment in schools

Technology is rapidly changing teaching, learning and assessment, according to the New Zealand Qualifications Authority.

As NZQA moves towards the increased use of digital assessment, deputy chief executive Richard Thornton will visit schools and education sector groups across the country to talk about the organisation’s vision for digital assessment.

The NZQA says it is also wanting to hear from the sector about how the assessment needs of students and schools can best be met.

“Today’s young people don’t know a world without technology. We need to ensure we facilitate the assessment changes necessary to parallel the development in the use of technology within the classroom,” explains Thornton.

Thornton’s presentation will include information about NZQA’s own digital transformation journey, and what tangible progress the sector can expect to see this year. It will also include case studies of schools that are early adopters of technology in teaching, learning and assessment, the organisation says.

“I’m looking forward to sharing these stories with the sector because of the opportunities that digital assessment provides,” says Thornton.

Some of the key benefits of digital assessment include; assessment being an extension of teaching and learning in a mode that is reflective of tools students use daily, technology solutions that overcome learning and assessment issues which will reduce the need for special assessment conditions and more streamlined moderation processes which will benefit teachers and schools as they are able to integrate assessment more seamlessly into teaching and learning programmes.

Thornton says by 2018, NZQA is aiming to have several digital examinations, as appropriate.

By 2020 NZQA envisages offering a wide range of digital assessment, with the ultimate aim of assessment being online, anywhere, anytime.