20 Sep 2018
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Ola launches new ridesharing service in NZ

By Sara Barker

Kiwis will soon be able to say ‘Ola’ to a new ride sharing service coming to Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch this year.

The risesharing platform (not unlike the global juggernaut Uber) has been transporting millions of people across Australia, the United Kingdom and India for the last seven years, and now it’s New Zealand’s turn.

According to Ola it offers a fair deal for drivers and puts the quality of passengers’ rides at the core of its approach. 

“Kiwis have had too littl  choice when it comes to rideshare,” says Ola New Zealand country manager Brian Dewil. 

“Ola’s arrival will create a compelling experience that puts the quality of rides first. I’m excited to build the local team and business in New Zealand and provide a healthy contribution to the nation’s local mobility infrastructure.”

Ola’s app includes emergency features including an emergency button that helps passengers instantly share ride information with friends and family. The information includes real-time car tracking, and emergency services with 24/7 support.

Drivers also get paid daily rather than weekly, and Ola says it charges the industry’s lowest commissions which mean higher driver earnings.

Ola says it is recognised for its collaborative approach, working with national governments and local authorities to help solve transport issues in innovative and meaningful ways.

“We see a real opportunity in New Zealand to provide a fair alternative in the rideshare space for both customers and drivers,” says Ola cofounder and CEO Bhavish Aggarwal.

“We invested in understanding the New Zealand customer and devised the right strategy to meet their transport needs.”

For those who might be interesting in driving for Ola, private vehicle owners can register to learn more about the process. 

Ola’s launch into New Zealand follows its successful launch in Australia in February 2018 and the UK in August 2018. 

Today, Ola operates in seven major cities across Australia and has close to 50,000 registered drivers who have completed millions of rides.

“We are the rideshare brand that cares and are looking forward to creating high quality transport experiences for both passengers and drivers in New Zealand,” Aggarwal continues.

While global corporations like Ola and Uber roll into town, let’s not forget our homegrown ridesharing services including Zoomy; and DriveHer, a ridesharing service with female drivers for female passengers.

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