15 Feb 2013
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On the ball Orcon in Facebook putdown

Orcon has reacted to a minor connection break this morning, with a classic Facebook reply.

The broadband provider has been fielding questions through out the morning as to why phone and internet lines were down, but has since revealed there was no outage, simply a break in connection.

But when pressed by Facebook user Hemi Hendrix, who posted: "My bro Rob Mcleay made a complaint. I SUGGEST YOU HELP HIM AS HE HAS CONTACTS!!!!!"

Orcon's response was classic…

"Contact lenses? Huh, you've lost us."

The comic reply, already liked by two users appears to sum up the problem, if any problem for the company.

Of course a connection break for anybody is a pain in the backside, but with no official release or statement from Orcon, bar this hilarious putdown, there is clearly no problem to report.

But regardless of that, check out Orcon's Facebook page in the hope of catching another vintage comeback.

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