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Online education to be focus of Amsterdam summit

This October 22-24 the Maple T.A. User Summit in Amsterdam is being held, and online education will take centre stage.

Discussions will revolve about trends and evolutions in e-learning, and the future of online testing and assessment will be a primary focus.

The discourse will touch on how technical courses such as science and engineering can be benefit greatly with online tools - getting college students excited about maths will be the focus of a panel on the use of technology in class. On top of this, an in-depth look at the e-learning tool, Maple T.A., will feature heavily.

Jim Cooper, President and CEO of Maplesoft, will talk about the use of technology in education, and Maplesoft’s vision and role.

Those who have used the Maple T.A. Technology throughout the world, from Austria to Australia, will illustrate how leading universities have utilised the program. They will discuss how online education programs, such as Maple, can improve teaching, enhance student learning and enrich classroom experience.

“Technology is changing what and how we teach; instant access to online tools and information is arguably triggering the biggest paradigm shift in mathematics education since the calculator,” said Cooper.

Educators and users from around the world will attend the event and have the opportunity to network. If these attendees are interested in Maple T.A., there is a half day of training in the technology designed for both new and advanced users.

More information about the summit and Maple T.A. can be found here.

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