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Only time will tell if the Apple Watch proves a game changer

The countdown has officially started for tomorrow’s reveal of Apple’s eagerly anticipated Apple Watch, the company’s first foray into wearable tech.

The Apple Watch is the first brand-new product to be launched without Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who passed away in 2011. It's also the company's first major product launch since the iPad five years ago. 

There are many commentators out there expecting the Apple Watch to be a big game changer, while others do not expect the Apple Watch to change life as we know like the iPod did all those years ago.

Regardless, Apple has a pretty solid reputation for revolutionising markets and setting their own products on a different shelf to the rest. Apple has the ability to create a product that makes the world think it’s a necessity.

How we listened to music was changed forever when the iPod was released, despite the fact that digital music players had been around well beforehand. The iPhone changed the way people bought smartphones. There may be plenty of smartphone devices out there, but they are all competing with the iPhone, in the same way there are tablets and the iPad. If this track record is anything to go by, there will be wearables, and there will be the Apple Watch.

On the other hand, there doesn’t seem to be that much excitement around the actual watch. With wearable tech becoming mainstream, users tend to pick cheaper options they can pair with their phones, where the Apple Watch will be a far more expensive option.

Apple’s rivals have already brought out smartwatches, including LG, Samsung and Sony, and none have proved that popular.

Soon enough consumers will know more about the features of the Apple Watch. What apps it will have. How many models will there be and what are their price points? How long will the battery last? Is it going to be as ugly as sin?

Whether the Apple Watch will give the industry a shake up remains to be seen, but unlike other examples of wearable tech, it has one of the biggest, most powerful brands behind it. Apple has acquired a cult like following with consumers; many die-hard Apple lovers choose Apple and Apple only, regardless of the product and its features. When they pick a wearable, they’ll pick the Apple Watch.