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Oppo ‘zooms in’ on smartphone competition with new camera
Sat, 2nd Mar 2019
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Chinese smartphone company Oppo recently held its first European Innovation Event in Barcelona to show off some of its new mobile innovations.

The most prominent of these being the world's first 10x lossless zoom camera that allows users to take professional-style photographs without having to worry about the dreaded pixelation when zooming in.

The company says its 10x lossless zoom comes from an array of camera specifications that includes a triple-lens camera structure consisting of a telephoto lens, ultra-wide-angle lens, and main camera.

Oppo has also introduced Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) on both the main camera and the telephoto lens to achieve higher, anti-shake accuracy.

Oppo New Zealand managing director Kevin Cho spoke at the event.

“As a brand, OPPO is driven by customer insight and developing new technologies to meet their everyday needs. We have been investing heavily in innovation with a huge commitment to R-D in areas such as image beautification technology, 5G, AI, AR and VR,” says Cho.

“With 10x lossless zoom, our mission was to develop a camera technology that would bring customers closer and let them capture content in a way that no other smartphone manufacturer has to date. We believe we've achieved that.

On top of the zoom capabilities, Oppo also revealed its developments in 5G technologies.

According to Qualcomm Incorporated president Christiano Amon, 5G is the future of the smartphone industry and will bring endless possibilities for creativity, imagination, and better connectivity. Through the 5G Landing Project, OPPO proposed and committed to bring into full play with the capability of carrier partners like Swisscom, Telstra, Optus- and more in-depth collaboration with potential partners like Singtel to promote the implementation of 5G products and services.

“Given their leadership in the 4G era, OPPO is well positioned to be a leader in the transition to 5G,” says Amon.

“We see tremendous opportunities to drive further innovation in the 5G era, and Qualcomm Technologies looks forward to working closely with OPPO to realise the true potential of 5G and support the launch of their first 5G smartphone.

To give an idea of the potential of 5G, Oppo demonstrated real-life applications from hologram calls to AR shopping.

“OPPO has been anticipating and preparing for the arrival of 5G since 2015 and has invested in design and technology to ensure the production of a desirable smartphone, that doesn't compromise on functionality to accommodate 5G features and benefits,” concludes Cho.