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Orcon - Fighting for internet freedom, apparently

Orcon has released a video of their upcoming television advertisement on their Facebook page, titled Orcon - Fighting For Internet Freedom.

The video shows an executive laughing at duping customers over superfast unlimited broadband prices. He’s then stung in the neck with poison dart and his toupee is ripped off his head by a comical man in a dictator’s costume.

It seems Orcon’s tongue-in-cheek new TV ad isn’t hitting the right buttons, if the comments are anything to go by.

One viewer says the ad is in bad taste considering the recent beheadings. Another has taken offense and said “no throttling, just scalping? Poison darts? And what’s with the dictator’s uniform? Do you really want to be associated with this?”

Orcon has since replied, explaining that “the advertisement is intended to be a light-hearted dig at the old-establishment. The wig is removed to show that the big telcos have something to hide – that they actively provide a less-than-perfect service, pretending that it’s up to scratch and their customers are the ones who pay for it.”

What do you think? Has Orcon crossed a line or are people simply overreacting?

Check out the video below