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Orcon releases iPhone broadband usage app

24 Feb 2011

Orcon has released a free iPhone app that gives its customers another way to keep an eye on broadband usage.

“With it you’ll be able to check how your data use is tracking and avoid data cap blowouts,” says the company. “Just download the app, login with your username and password (Hint: your username will be in the top corner of your monthly bill), and you are away.”

The application's login is set for Orcon residential accounts by default.

Business and commercial customers can change to the correct unit by accessing the iPhone app settings.

Updates and improvements to the app will also be rolled out in the coming months. The company is asking for any suggestions.

Being an Orcon customer at home, I downloaded the app last night and it does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a bit tedious that you have to enter your password every time you fire the app up though. My Vodafone on-account app doesn’t require that.

Oh and “Yes, we are working on an Android version,” added Orcon.

Search iTunes for ‘Orcon’.

Update: After using the app I noticed that my personal usage meter read as -5GB. I've contacted Orcon for an update.