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Exclusive: OtterBox ultimate destruction test!
Sun, 2nd Jul 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

I have been a bit of a Samsung fanboy for near a decade now, yet as much as I love their phone range there is one minor issue...

I drop my phone, a lot.

With  each new Galaxy S++ release  the screen on my phone seems to becoming less and less durable.

It almost reached the point where I was afraid to take my newest addition out of its box.

Yet, I did...

To no one's surprise, within a month, the screen looked like it had seen the pointy end of Arya Stark's needle.

That's when I heard of the OtterBox phone case range.

They were supposed to be ultra-durable and tough, offering a solid amount of protection for your phone.

I figured it would be at least worth testing out this ‘super-case'.

After picking up my commuter series OtterBox the first logical test was to see if my screen would instantly shatter if I dropped the phone.

I carefully studied the pre-existing cracks on the screen, then dropped the phone.

I watched with bated breath as it tumbled on the concrete, 'this is the end' I thought to myself.

Yet, when I picked up the phone and studied the screen, not a single additional crack had appeared.

I was delighted with the result, but it also lead me to wonder exactly how much punishment the OtterBox could take.

The first test I devised asked if the OtterBox could stop a knife.

I promptly removed the phone and placed the OtterBox on the chopping block…

Try as I might, I could simply not damage the hard outer shell of the case.

The Otterbox commuter proved to be thoroughly stabproof.

Next was the hammer test.

I figured maybe a few good whacks with a hammer could shatter the case.

After receiving a vicious volley of blows, the case was surprisingly still in one piece.

It was clearly visible where the hammer blows had landed on the inner side of the case.

Yet, other than a few dents and minor discoloration the phone case remained in tip-top condition.

I figured if brute force didn't work, perhaps a more refined tool would…

I moved on the the scissor test.

The scissors snipped through the soft inner layer with ease, however the progress stopped dead in its tracks the moment the scissors hit the hard outer shell.

At this point I was very impressed with the OtterBox commuter, it could take a frustrating amount of punishment and be left with barely any scratches.

However, I was done holding back.

It was time for the OtterBox to meet my favourite little tool… Mr. Machete.

The OtterBox put up a valiant fight, but after about a dozen good cuts the case was left bent and broken.

The inner side of the case had clear impact marks and some minor cuts.

Still I was not satisfied with the results...

The OtterBox was still in one piece and that had to change.

Then it dawned on me, what if I ever spontaneously combust?

Would the OtterBox survive?

I started a petrol fueled fire and dropped the OtterBox in the flames for a cheeky barbeque.

After about three minutes the fire stood a foot high, at that moment I realized it may have been a bad idea to start a fire this size in my backyard.

I frantically scurried looking for our fire extinguisher as the OtterBox toasted away.

Once I had the blaze under control, it became clear that this phone case was not designed with fire in mind.

I stood there with a sadistic grin on my face, knowing that in the end I overcame the mighty OtterBox…

Short of putting yourself on fire however, the OtterBox commuter can withstand a surprising amount of punishment.

Even more impressive is the fact that OtterBox creates phone cases that are even stronger than the commuter series. 

So if you are looking for a phone case to stem off cracked screens and shattered dreams then the OtterBox is definitely worth considering.