16 Aug 2013
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Outlook doesn't look good as Kiwis STILL struggle

Microsoft has admitted the outage plaguing Outlook.com it taking longer to fix than expected, as heaps of New Zealanders are left to suffer.

While suffer may be a tad exaggerated, annoying was and still is the word of the day as Kiwis bemoan the lack of service on the email website.

As reported by Techday yesterday, Microsoft revealed the site was experiencing an outage that cut a small number of users from syncing their Outlook.com accounts with their mobile devices.

Yet a day later there appears no sign of progress.

"Fixing the problem is taking longer than we hoped," Microsoft said. "We'll provide an update by August 15, 1:00 PM [ET]. We apologize for the lengthy interruption in service."

Taking the issue further, a Microsoft spokesperson told CNET:

"Outlook.com experienced an incident that caused some customers not to be able to access their account or share their SkyDrive files.

"We have restored web access for all customers, but some people might still see issues with their mobile devices. We are working to restore full mobile access as quickly as possible.

"For the latest information, we encourage users to visit the status page."

Kiwi troubles

Within minutes of reporting the story yesterday, heaps of New Zealanders came forward to complain about the outage, with Leeza Lee saying "this sucks. I need to work."

Adding to the growing discontent among Kiwis, Ivy told Techday: "I don't get anything, no error message, no blank page, it just won't do anything.

"The majority of the day it wouldn't even sync, now it does sync but still won't send or receive anything.... Frustrating."

While the outage is an inconvenience to some, for most the website provides a key part of the working day, leaving many Kiwis stuck without important documents.

"I was replying an important email, and all of a sudden Outlook went down. Awful timing!!" wrote Juan.

After "frinking out right now because all my mails are going trough hotmail," Virgil went even further, claiming "it's going to be goodbye hotmail and hello gmail…"

Other annoyed users also posted:

"So annoyed!! happened last night, deleted and changed passwords thinking ive been hacked, when its stupid outlook. hotmail was the bomb, never had a problem. HATE microsoft right now." - Steph

"First they butcher Hotmail, which I have been using for about 15 years, And force us to use this problematic Poutlook, and now this. I'm quite impressed…………………." - Jeff

Some media outlets are reporting the issue has been fixed, but not Microsoft. Is your Outlook.com back and working? Tell us below

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