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'Overlord' DLC announced for Mass Effect 2

BioWare has spoken up about the next batch of premium downloadable content for Mass Effect 2. ‘Overlord’ will see Commander Shepard and his motley crew engage in five missions in an attempt to disable a hostile rogue Virtual Intelligence (VI).

Unlike the previous DLC package, Kasumi Stolen Memory, Overlord will not bring a new character to the Mass Effect 2 experience. In fact, BioWare has stated that Kasumi will be the final character addition to the Mass Effect 2 roster (which makes perfect sense since there are no remaining character slots).

Instead, the DLC will consist of five missions set across the same planet. Kotaku reports that the player will have access to the Hammerhead hovercraft vehicle from a previous DLC package in order to travel between these missions. 

Reportedly the plot pertains to an experiment to fuse a human with a VI that goes awry. This VI Overlord has the ability to control any technology in its vicinity, and it’s doing just that by sending Geth troops to attack Cerberus installations across the planet.

Overlord is pegged for release next month for 560 Microsoft Points or 560 BioWare Points for the PC version (roughly $NZ10). 

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