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Oxford app's all-in-a-twitter about its new word additions

23 May 16

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary is all-a-Twitter about the 900 new additions to the ninth edition to its app, including 170 words relating to the digital realm and six relating to microblogging website Twitter, including the infamous words "Twitterati" and "tweetup".

The Oxford Dictionary, categorising and helping to define words since 1948, has again incorporated many more modern words into its lexicon.

So, if you want to "retweet" a "selfie" with a "phablet" and put it in a "meme" so you can share it in the "Twitterverse", well now the Oxford team knows exactly what you're talking about. And like it or not, these words are also now an official part of the English language.

So the next time somebody gives you a puzzled look next time you say TTFN, you can now legitimately tell them to check the dictionary... or the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary app, at least.

Some new inclusions to the app:​

  • Adware: a type of software that automatically displays or downloads advertisements on a computer screen, smartphone, etc. when a user is online
  • Cyberthreat: the possibility that somebody will try to damage or destroy a computer network, computer system or website by secretly changing information on it without permission
  • Geofencing: a technology which draws a virtual line around a physical area so that a signal can be sent to a mobile electronic device such as a phone inside this line or when this line is crossed
  • Script kiddie: a person who uses existing programming code to hack somebody's computer, because they do not have the skill to write their own code
  • Woot!: used to express excitement, enthusiasm, satisfaction, etc, especially in text messages or emails​

The app is currently available on iOs and Android.

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