PAIN – PlayStation Network Only

01 Mar 08

The title alone is enough to get you interested in what this game is all about. From what I’ve seen so far, Sony are delving into an area that is relatively new when it comes to video game content – the world of comedy.

Now everyone likes a good laugh and Pain is certainly one of those games that will easily deliver those laughter-induced fits by the truck load. Why? Well, this quote sums it up just nicely; “Players receive points by stringing together painful collisions and inducing chaos in the environment.” Show me one gamer that wouldn’t want to do that?

The premise of the game is that you are represented in an animated world by a human-sized ‘puppet’ that acts like a slingshot. Your duty: to launch your puppet into the world with the sole purpose of inflicting as much pain and chaos on everyone else as possible! This is the most primitive, fun-filled experience you could possibly have without feeling like you’re breaking the law somehow. If you always wanted to unleash that hidden sadist inside of you… Pain will let you do just that and then some. Try catapulting yourself into a giant metal donut, we’re very sure it’ll hurt but you’ll probably hurt someone else even more, which if course, is what this game is all about.
The graphics look playfully ‘cartoonish’ (one of the game’s highlights) and everything in the entire world (well, almost everything) will break apart upon impact. What more do you need to know? The other alternative game modes don’t really compare to this so you won’t want to go deviating from where the real fun lies. On the other hand, having to avoid explosive crates exploding everywhere might just be what the doctor ordered if the ‘pain’ gets too much to handle.

Take a break from those shooters and RPG’s for a bit, sit back and just have fun. That’s what Pain is all about. No thinking, no strategising, nothing but pure, unadulterated FUN. We give it the super thumbs up!

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