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Panasonic launches 10th-gen projector

Panasonic has launched its first new home theatre projector in two years, the AE7000.

Introducing the projector at an event in Auckland’s Bridgeway Cinema, Panasonic Japan representative Rena Yotsu told media the new unit is the world’s first LCD full HD 3D home projector. 

"The key concept with the AE7000 was to recreate comfortable and gentle 3D viewing,” Yotsu says.

The problem is parallax – the distance between the two images which are combined to create the 3D effect. If parallax is larger than the gap between the viewer’s eyes, it becomes difficult to watch. As a projector doesn’t have a fixed screen, parallax is variable.

For this reason, Panasonic has introduced a function whereby the user can adjust the parallax of the image to make sure the 3D is within comfortable limits. 

The user can also split the left and right images onto the left and right portions of the screen, to make sure the images are even on colour and brightness (see image).

Yotsu says the AE7000 uses LCD panels that support a refresh rate of 480Hz, compared with the standard 240Hz. This gives it higher brightness with a low level of ‘crosstalk’, or interference between the 3D images.

Panasonic develops its projectors in collaboration with Hollywood producers, Yotsu adds.

"We didn’t want to use our definition of picture quality, we wanted to hear from the creators.”

The AE7000 will be arriving in stores in the next week. The retail price will be $5699 for the unit and two pairs of 3D glasses, with additional pairs priced at $99. 

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