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Pandora releases new Facebook Timeline App
Mon, 27th May 2013
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Pandora says it is making over 200 million registered users happy, by extending its partnership with Facebook through a new Timeline App.

The internet radio service says the enhanced sharing capability makes the Pandora social experience even more personalised by allowing listeners on both mobile and web to automatically publish their music activity to their Facebook Timeline.

“Music is a central part of many people’s lives and at Pandora we recognise that it can be both an intensely personal experience and a highly social experience," says Tom Conrad, CTO, Pandora.

"For those who want to share, Pandora’s new timeline app serves as another platform for music exposure and discovery, which benefits listeners, artists and advertisers.

"With Facebook’s recent addition of the Music section for timeline, we’re now offering personalised social sharing experiences for every type of listener.”

Pandora listeners who wish to publish music activity to Facebook will now have the ability to personalise what they’d like to share with options that include stations they’re listening to, as well as specific tracks and artists they like.

Music activity will appear in the News Feed, Activity Log and Music section for timeline as determined by Facebook’s ranking algorithms. A Pandora listener’s Facebook friends can easily access a radio station shared from Pandora by clicking through the story in the News Feed or Music section.

Listeners who choose to add Pandora to their Facebook Timeline will have full control over what information they share with their friends.

All settings related to sharing music activity can easily be adjusted at any time on Pandora while listeners can also edit their settings from their Application Settings Page on Facebook and remove specific activity directly from their timeline or personal Activity Log on Facebook.

Conrad says the Pandora timeline app builds upon existing Pandora-based social features available on both mobile and web, including a personal music profile, music activity feed and the ability to easily follow friends and others with similar musical interests.

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