01 Nov 2010
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You can see the scenery on just about any street these days, thanks to Google Street View. Simply go to Google maps (maps.google.com), type in the street address and click the ‘street view’ link, and you’ve got access to the 360° view of just about any street address you can think of. Very clever. But what about all those places Street View doesn’t go to? Inside the Vatican? The Great Wall of China? The summit of Mount Everest?I’ve you’ve always wanted to see the seven wonders, but couldn’t afford the plane ticket, so here’s the next best thing: 16 of the coolest panorama views on the planet (and a few off it).

  1. Enormous Prague: tinyurl.com/prague360
  2. Eiffel Tower at night: tinyurl.com/eiffeltower360
  3. The Empire State Building at sunset: tinyurl.com/empirestatebuilding360
  4. Rio de Janeiro: tinyurl.com/corcovado360
  5. Everest: tinyurl.com/everest360
  6. Grand Canyon from Horseshoe Bend: tinyurl.com/grandcanyon360
  7. The Acropolis Pantheon, Athens: tinyurl.com/acropolis360
  8. The Great Wall of China: tinyurl.com/greatwall360
  9. Easter Island (Rapa Nui): tinyurl.com/rapanui360
  10. Vatican City, Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore: tinyurl.com/vaticancity360
  11. Milford Sound: tinyurl.com/milfordsound360
  12. Tomb of Ramses IV in Valley of the Kings - Luxor Egypt: tinyurl.com/ramsestomb360
  13. Stonehenge tinyurl.com/stonehenge360
  14. A barnacle (extreme close-up): tinyurl.com/barnacle360
  15. The Moon: tinyurl.com/themoon360
  16. Mars: tinyurl.com/mars360

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