FutureFive NZ - Path of Exile second-act trailer revealed

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Path of Exile second-act trailer revealed

Titirangi-based developer Grinding Gear Games has released a trailer that showcases many newly announced features for its upcoming RPG Path of Exile.

The game's second act has been kept a complete secret until now, with the trailer revealing a dense, forest terrain populated with warring bandit factions. Also revealed is a new, hybrid class in the 'Duelist', which combines both strength and dexterity attributes and skills.

The third feature revealed in the trailer is 'Combo Charges', which rotate around the player and "bestow abilities and protections or can be discharged for a one-off devastating attack".

"The charges were designed to make combat more interesting and tactical," says Chris Wilson, Grinding Gear Games' founder. "They're a core part of Path of Exile's combat system and they are supported by other mechanics in the game in particular ways. For instance, there will be plenty of items and passive skills that add to or modify your charge abilities."

According to the press release, Path of Exile is scheduled for a closed, "large-scale" public beta around August. Those interested in participating should sign up for an account at Path of Exile's official site.

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