PayPal embraces credit cards

29 Jun 10

PayPal has created a new solution that will allow online stores and merchants to easily accept credit card payments.

Naveed Anwar, Senior Director of PayPal’s Developer Network, said, “Our developers asked for an easy way to accept credit cards using our Adaptive Payments API and that’s why I’m excited to unveil Guest Payments.”

The new service allows developers to collect credit card payments without requiring customers to open a PayPal account. This, Anwar says, will eliminate the complications merchants, developers and start-ups face in accepting credit cards.

“We’re aware that no matter how innovative the ideas are, our developers look to us to provide the features to make it all possible. We’re thrilled to provide this new functionality to meet this need and look forward to seeing the ground-breaking apps our developer community will create with this,” Anwar added.

Visa is also on the charge of creating online solutions that make it easier to use credit cards online. Dubbed ‘payclick’ the service is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Visa. It was developed in Australia and aims to connect consumers with online sellers of lower priced downloadable content without them having to share personal details or financial information.

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