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PC gamers celebrate mega Steam sale

PC gamers around the world are celebrating the Steam sale, with the digital game seller offering deals on hundreds of games until July 22.

Created by Valve, the creator of games such as Portal and Half-Life, the online retailer has several yearly sales but this 'Summer Getaway Sale' in particular has discounts up to 90%.

NZ gamers are often left shafted with price and it appears Steam is one of the only options for gamers here to get a fair bargain but it does come at a cost though.

Some games can be 20GB or more to download, cutting deep into your broadband limits. Yet Wellington based game developer, Sidhe, has their brick-breaker game Shatter available for only US$1.99 so it is swings and roundabouts.

It seems things are never easy for New Zealand gamers however…

The sale also presents a wider issue as the open platform and deep discounts give gamers more options than ever before.

In other words, the new consoles certainly have a fight on their hands. But will the PS4 and Xbox One have enough features and exclusive games later this year to be worthwhile choices over gaming PCs?

Or is the download size of some games too much of a strain on your internet data cap? Will you be choosing PC over Xbox One or PS4? Tell us your thoughts below

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