FutureFive NZ - Phones to overtake PCs as most common web access device

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Phones to overtake PCs as most common web access device

Findings from a recent study by the research firm said that by 2013 the total number of PCs in use will reach 1.62 billion units in 2012.

At the same time the combined installed base of smartphones and browser-equipped enhanced phones will exceed 1.69 billion units. “From 2012 onwards, this combined installed base will be greater than the installed base for PCs,” stated Gartner.

The biggest result of this shift in how we access and view the internet means that many websites will need to be “reformatted or rebuilt”.

“Mobile device users typically make many fewer ‘clicks’ on a website than PC users and websites not optimised for smaller screen formats will risk reduced customer interaction and fewer transactions,” Gartner said.

This barrier will be of concern to organisations in geographies where the PC is not as prevalent, firms with consumer-facing websites and online retailers, banks and financial service providers.

Do you believe that a mobile phone will be your primary way of accessing the internet in the next few years?

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