Playstation meeting moves to New York

15 Feb 13

The upcoming Playstation meeting is being promoted with the teaser “See the Future” – and now that it has been revealed where the meeting will be held, it seems like we might indeed see it.

For those who don’t remember, these PS meetings tend to be called for fairly big announcements, the last taking place when the PS Vita was first unveiled.

This one will take place on February 20, and will be held at the Hammerstein Ballroom at the Manhattan Center Studios in New York.

Most press announcements from Sony are made in front of about 20 journalists; this venue has enough room for 2,800 people.

Sure, there has so far been very little indication as to exactly what we will be shown at this meeting, but most seem to believe the PS4 will finally be announced.

Michael Pachter, one of the gaming industry’s most popular and occasionally accurate analysts, is one of those.

“Sony is inviting investors and media to the Feb 20 event; that means console announcement. I’m genuinely excited.”

Perhaps summing up the extreme analysis the gaming industry gets, the very first comment under the original story  says what many will be thinking: “Damn it! Michael Pachter just tweeted he thinks it’s a console reveal. That’s proof it will NOT be PS4”. Probably not the most ridiculous statement.

From my relatively uneducated point of view, Sony doesn’t tend to call these meetings for nothing; although the Vita wasn’t the monumental next-generation announcement many expect from this meeting, it was certainly an occasion Sony wanted people to get excited about.

Perhaps they’re hoping we’ll get excited about the PS4 too.

What do you guys think? Are we one week away from knowing what the future holds? Or is this an elaborate PR effort to finally make someone, anywhere, care about the PS Move?

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