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PlayStation to start rolling out major software updates to PS5
Wed, 14th Apr 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Gamers fortunate enough to have snapped up one of the now-elusive PS5s will soon find their console has new functionality, like the ability to store games on USB drives.

From tomorrow, Sony PlayStation is rolling out its first major update to the PS5, promising to ‘enhance the experience on PlayStation in every possible way'.

You can now copy games to and from USB storage

The first major update includes the ability to store PS5 games on USB extended storage, which means the PS5 now has more storage capacity (by proxy). Please note though that users can't run games from USB, they can only store them. Users can also copy games back and forth between the external storage device and the PS5's internal storage.

And according to PlayStation's senior vice president of platform planning and management, Hideaki Nishino, it's quicker to reinstall games from USB storage than it is to copy from disc or download the games again from the internet. And by the way, users can't download PS5 titles directly to USB storage.

PS5s will, at some point in the future, support M.2. drives for additional storage expansion.

You can now share play across PS4 and PS5 consoles

If you have a PS5 and your mate has a PS5 (or vice versa), there's no need to despair. PS5 now includes cross-generation share play, in which friends on the different consoles can share their game screens, pass virtual controllers (for co-op) and try out PS5 games.

PS5 and PS4 gamers will also have the 'Request to join' game session ability, which works as a shortcut to sending a game invite and making it easier to co-op.  There are privacy settings users can change to make sure no other uninvited gamers don't end up pestering people.

The PS5 will now add more control and personalisation

There are several new personalisation features that cover everything from friend management to stats screens and pre-downloading game updates.

  • The Game Base menu has been improved for quicker access to important content and features. Users can switch between parties and friends. Users can also turn off notification for each individual party. 
  •  Users can disable in-game chat - this switches off microphone audio and all voice audio from other players. It's also easier to adjust each player's chat volume individually so users don't have to ask others to turn their mics up or down.
  • If developers have enabled pre-downloads for game updates, users will be able to check that ‘automatic updates' are on. This means users can download these updates while the console is on or at rest.
  • Game library customisation now includes a search function and a ‘hide' games from view function.
  • The PS5 gets a redesigned trophy settings at stats screen that includes a customised level of trophies that trigger automatic capture of a screenshot or video clip.   This means users can choose to capture only their best trophies. There is also a new player Trophy Stats screen, where users can see trophy level and status summaries.
  • Screen zoom is accessible from the settings menu.

PlayStation app gets a spruce-up

New features include product wishlists, online friend notifications, and the ability to change the console online status.

Upcoming features include the ability to join multiplayer sessions directly from the app, PS5 storage management, trophy collection comparison, and product sort and filter options.