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Portal 2 coming to Mac

08 Mar 10

Thousands of gamers the world over are salivating over news that Valve is working on a sequel to breakaway 2007 hit Portal. Now Apple fans have extra reason to celebrate, as Valve has also announced that Portal 2 will also release on Mac.

The latest issue of Game Informer magazine contains an exclusive reveal for the first-person puzzler, and included among a host of other information that had unofficially leaked is a list of platforms that Portal 2 will release for. As the platforms on which many gamers enjoyed Portal on back in 2007, PC and Xbox 360 came as no surprise, but many are no doubt delighted to see the Mac join the ranks.

Portal is part of Valve’s Orange Box compilation, which effectively bundled three full Valve games and two expansions in the one package (including Half Life 2 and Team Fortress 2). Portal was the only original, unreleased property in the package and it consisted of a unique blend of first-person shooter (sans shooting) and puzzler. The protagonist, a test subject of Aperture laboratories, had to negotiate a series of levels using only a device that fired two ends of a portal. For instance, firing one end at the floor and the other at the roof would allow the player to fall through the floor’s portal and appear through the roof’s portal. The game has gone on to enjoy a particularly rabid cult following.

Portal 2 will also introduce a cooperative multiplayer mode with its own entirely unique campaign.

N.B. The pictured game is Portal