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Positive reviews as iPad hits US stores

With large crowds and lines and a number of stores selling out within minutes, the iPad has launched to positive reviews in the US. 

The device isn’t set to go on sale internationally until the end of April when a limited number of countries will get the iPad, but there’s no word yet on when it will be available in New Zealand. 

But after thousands of US customers purchased an iPad today, the reviews so far seem overwhelmingly positive, with the only detractors appearing to be what many have already pointed out to be negative points about the device, such as its lack of a camera, USB port and Flash capabilities. 

While critics have christened it nothing more than an upsized iPod Touch, those who have handled the iPad seem to believe that it has more features and capabilities than an iPod Touch and holds many more possibilities. Many reviews have also praised the speed and power of the device and said that the user interface makes for a unique experience that users should try before they criticize. 

CNN covered the launch and said that while many customers weren’t entirely sure how they were going to use the device, they believed that its as yet unknown potential was part of the allure. 

Because the device is aimed to fill the gap between a laptop and a smartphone, which no company has successfully penetrated yet, the high initial demand for the iPad isn’t necessarily a sure sign that it has sticking power and will continue to perform well in sales. But due to high initial demand, many analysts have said that they expect Apple to sell millions of iPads in its first year. 

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