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PostShop finder app hit iTunes

08 Dec 2010

New Zealand Post has crammed a PostShop finder into its iPhone app that makes it easy to find and locate your nearest store. It’ll even tell you if the nearest shop’s open or closed.

Apparently one of the most common New Zealand Post call centre enquiries is from customers wanting to know PostShop locations and opening hours. The firm says it has devoted significant time to making sure the technology is ready for the changing way people communicate with each other.

"By providing the PostShop finder app, it allows customers who have the right device to easily find their nearest postal, billpay, Kiwibank or Kiwibank ATM service,” said Michelle van Gaalen of New Zealand Post’s retail channel.

"With just a couple of clicks on the app customers can quickly see a PostShop location, whether it is open or closed (if closed there’s a sign hanging there), the opening hours and the phone contact details.

"Currently the New Zealand Post app lets people track parcels but the PostShop finder adds a whole new dimension.  In future we are also looking to provide customers with the ability to calculate postage rates and find postcodes via their device,” added van Gaalen.

The app is now live on the App Store and will work on "any” iPhone or iPod touch device. Just search for 'NZ Post'.

When asked if the app will appear on other mobile operating systems such as RIM, Android and Windows Phone 7, Keith FitzPatrick, Media Communications Manager for New Zealand Post Group, told us, "We're keeping an eye on traffic for those devices and wouldn't rule it out. So potentially, but not at this stage.”

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