Premium CoD content given Xbox release date

01 Mar 12

For those who made the costly choice to become a Call of Duty Elite Premium member, it might be time to be annoyed – the additional content you’ve been enjoying will be available to everyone in less than three weeks.

Three new maps, Liberation, Piazza and Overwatch, are already available for hard-core Modern Warfare 3 players, but all players will be able to purchase these in a new content bundle set for release on March 20.

The MW3 Collection 1 bundle contains these three maps, plus another called Black Box and two new special ops missions, Black Ice and Negotiator.

As the name suggests, Black Box features a downed Air Force One in the middle of suburban California – the screenshots look pretty spectacular, take a look here.

Black Ice will require infiltrating and planting explosives in a diamond mine, making use of the snowmobile that has become a Call of Duty classic.

On the other side of the world, Negotiator sees the player protecting hostages in bustling India, rounding out the first of four planned content collections for MW3.

Unfortunately there is as yet no release date for this content on the PS3, but Xbox Live players should definitely start saving their pennies. There’s sure to be more on the way for Premium members too – we’ll keep you posted. 

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