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Price drops for GoPro and its subscription service in time for Winter getaways
Tue, 16th May 2023

In a move set to excite both professional and amateur adventurers, GoPro has announced a significant price drop on its range of cameras, just as winter getaways are on the horizon. The award-winning HERO11 Black has a cut of $150, which also applies to their HERO11 Black Mini, HERO10 Black, and HERO9 Black. This brings the HERO11 pricing to $649.95 in Australia and $749.99 in New Zealand. 

The company also revealed it would double GoPro award cash prizes for subscribers if their photos or videos feature on GoPro’s global social media handles. Commencing on June 1, the new Awards Challenge offers a lucrative incentive for GoPro users to capture their travels, whether they're chasing the sun in Europe or hitting the ski slopes.

In addition, GoPro is making its GoPro Subscription more accessible with nearly half price for the first year of the subscription.

The news follows GoPro’s recent decision to restore its camera lineup to pre-pandemic prices.

"Pandemic-related challenges forced us to raise prices, but now those pressures have eased and we're stoked to make the insane performance of today's GoPro more accessible for everyone," said GoPro CEO and Founder Nicholas Woodman.

GoPro Subscription, now made more accessible with its new pricing, offers multiple benefits, including unlimited cloud storage for GoPro footage, automatic footage upload while the camera is charging, automatic clearing of the camera’s SD card once the upload is complete, automatic highlight videos sent to the user's phone, and significant discounts on mounts, accessories, and lifestyle gear at GoPro.com.

The subscription service also guarantees damaged camera replacement, live streaming via GoPro.com, and gives access to Subscriber Sessions, where GoPro pro athletes and content creators share their personal stories and tips for getting the most out of GoPro.

GoPro Subscribers will receive double the cash payout from GoPro Awards if their photos or videos are used on GoPro’s global social handles. The Double the Dollars GoPro Awards campaign will run from June 1 to Oct. 1, rewarding selected subscribers with USD$500 for a featured photo and USD$1,000 for a video.

"With more than 2.36 million subscribers, the GoPro Subscription has proven to be a must-have solution for GoPro owners who want the convenience of a GoPro camera that auto-uploads footage to the cloud and then clears your SD card for you, sends automatic highlight videos to your phone and has full access to the powerful and fun editing tools in the GoPro Quik app. Throw in discounts at GoPro.com and no-questions-asked camera replacement, and you can see why the GoPro Subscription has grown so quickly,” says Woodman.