FutureFive NZ - Pro gamers develop mouse and keyboard with Logitech

Pro gamers develop mouse and keyboard with Logitech

Logitech has introduced the Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse and Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. The peripherals were designed in collaboration with with big name eSports athletes, and are purpose-built for professional eSports competition.

Tyler Latham of professional eSports team Cloud 9 says that the Pro Gaming Mouse is his new favourite.

"Competing at the top level requires a well-built mouse,” he says.

“After working closely with Logitech and extensive testing, the new Pro Gaming Mouse is my preferred mouse. With a comfortable shape and top-of-the-line sensor, I never have problems picking off my enemies."

The Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse combines the shape of the popular Logitech G100 with the interiors that provide the speed, accuracy and responsiveness of their G303 mouse.

According to VP of Logitech G Ujesh Desai, pro players were heavily involved in the design process.

“eSports athletes are extremely picky and demanding, and we love it. We give them access to our prototype designs early and often, and let them rip 'em apart,” he says.

“The result is the Pro Gaming Keyboard with ultra-fast switches, durable construction, and a tenkeyless design that's easy to transport. If you play to win, this is your keyboard.”

For more information on the new peripherals, check out Logitech’s website.


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