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Problem solving in a modern world

Core Education is hosting an event this June for educators who are focused on how to create a learning experience that suits the modern world.

The breakfast seminar titled ‘Design Thinking: How can teachers create a 21st century learning experience for students?’ will consist of a seminar, followed by the opportunity to delve further into the topic and finally an optional follow-up workshop.

‘Design thinking’ is a term used to describe a way for students to learn. The seminar will take teachers and educators through a creative process that will help them design for better results in the classroom and equip students to be shapers of knowledge as opposed to passive learners.

At the event educators will learn about design thinking as a problem-solving methodology, the connection between design thinking and thinking skills, how this approach can develop students’ creative confidence and critical thinking by teaching them how to think like designers, what this means for teachers and classroom programmes, as well as the ten principles of design.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) argues that in modern societies all of life is problem solving, and it is important to establish this skill from a young age.

“Changes in society, the environment, and in technology mean that the content of applicable knowledge evolves rapidly.

“Adapting, learning, daring to try out new things and always being ready to learn from mistakes are among the keys to resilience and success in an unpredictable world.

“Education International (EI) firmly supports the idea that students must acquire these skills, as part of a quality education,” says EI.

The presenter of the event is Dorenda Britten, who is internationally recognised as a design strategist and is known for her promotion of design thinking in business.

The event will be held June 12 from 7:30am-12:30pm at the Te Tuhi Arts Centre in Auckland. The breakfast seminar alone costs $40+GST while the workshop included costs $140+GST.

While the seminar is open to 100 people, the workshop is limited to 40.