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Profile - iTradeNZ and what it can do for you

06 Nov 2010

Finally! An iPhone app for the popular auction site TradeMe.co.nz.

TradeMe members can now browse, search, bid, buy now and watch their favourite auctions from wherever they are. With iTradeNZ you never have to miss out on a sweet deal because you weren't at home to bid!


  • Browse Categories (MAJOR FEATURE!)
  • Search for auctions and classifieds
  • Sort Listings
  • View listing details
  • View questions and answers
  • Ask questions and answers
  • Place bids on auctions BUY NOW on auctions
  • View your watchlist
  • View your bought items
  • View your lost items
  • View items you are selling
  • View stats items you are selling
  • View unsold items
  • View sold items
  • Create email templates to allow one click email to sellers ...And many more!

What's New In Version 1.6

  • Added a search bar in the browse pages so now you can search within a category while browsing without changing your settings

Bugs stomped out:

  • Fixed refresh button not working correctly when browsing
  • Fixed bug with some sub categories not being included. Womenswear is now showing up (very popular request!)