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Project 2020: Join the debate about our cyber future

15 Nov 2013
FYI, this story is more than a year old

With the launch of episode five we’re now over halfway through 2020: the Series, Trend Micro’s visionary online video project taking a sneak peek at how cyber-crime might evolve at the end of the decade.

The story so far and follow the dramatic twists and turns as the Republic of South Sylvania struggles to come to terms with a massive cyber-attack which leaves a trail of chaos and destruction in its wake.

On the eve of South Sylvania’s first ever all digital elections a devastating cyber-attack takes place knocking out The Switch – a vital centralised authentication hub through which netizens switch between their multiple online profiles. Without The Switch the nation is paralysed.

Citizens can’t access pharmacies for life-saving medication; surgeons can’t enter operating theatres because they are locked into the wrong profiles; trains derail; all banking transactions are halted, meaning users are left with no way to pay for food and other essentials; and remote access to corporate systems is disabled, with no room in bricks and mortar offices to house workers.

Episode 5

Although the Prime Minister claims the situation is under control, he is forced to postpone the general election, sending more shock-waves through the national economy. With the international community losing confidence in the country, and mulling a ban on all Sylvanian digital products, the nation’s all-important cyber security rating is lowered.

Cyber criminals around the world take advantage of South Sylvania’s vulnerability, resulting in loss and IP theft on a massive scale.

Elsewhere, hacktivist Adam – the man who made the cyber attack possible – finds he’s in way over his head.

Check out Episode 5 below:

By Rik Ferguson - VP Security Research, Trend Micro

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