24 Aug 2015
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Protecting your students, staff and network: The Fortinet way

Cyber-security is one of the most challenging issues confronting school administrators up and down New Zealand. It’s hard enough keeping up with on-line learning, teaching and administration without having to worry about hackers, intruders, criminals and at-risk behaviour. But in this mind-bogging maelstrom of cyber-security threats, one solution stands out for cost-effectiveness, ease-of-use and expert local support: Fortinet.

Local service and support

Working alongside a nation-wide network of accredited Fortinet Partners, Fortinet has put together a proven suite of solutions that provide most of the network security capabilities that your school requires:

  • Safe, secure and fast access for N4L’s Ultrafast Broadband (UFB) network
  • Out-of-the box support for secure Wi-Fi and wireless networking
  • Enhanced eLearning and administration via personal laptops, tablets and smartphones (BYOD)
  • Powerful firewall protection to regulate network traffic and users
  • Full reporting and monitoring capabilities to ensure that student and staff can work in a protected environment

With end-to-end comprehensive security devices from Fortinet, your school can tap into all of the benefits of on-line learning, teaching and administration without fear or trepidation.

The Fortinet security suite

Fortinet has four core products for the education sector:

  • FortiGate Next Generation Firewall appliances
  • FortiAnalyzer Centralised Reporting and Analysis appliances
  • FortiAuthenticator User Identity Management appliances
  • FortiGuard subscription security services

Together, these solutions will protect your entire network from almost all of the cyber threats that confront today’s schools. Plus they can extend and enhance the benefits of eLearning and on-line administration by supporting BYOD and secure Wi-Fi. Your staff and students will be able to use all of the network resources from the convenience of their own wireless devices, safely and securely, under the watchful eye of Fortinet.

Talk to your ICT team

Regardless of who looks after your ICT needs, Fortinet is the most prudent approach for your school’s network security. If you have an in-house team, they should be comparing Fortinet’s capabilities with your current infrastructure. If you contract with a third-party ICT provider, they are probably already aware of Fortinet’s solutions. And if they aren’t, maybe it’s time to look around for a more switched-on ICT advisor.

eLearning and the internet go hand-in-hand. Your students need the skills. Your staff need the resources. And New Zealand needs the successful outcomes. Contact your ICT provider and ask them about Fortinet. Or contact us directly (as below). It’s a call you won’t regret.

For further information, please contact:

Hugo Hutchinson Business Development Manager hugo.hutchinson@ingrammicro.com P: 09-414-0261 | M: 021-245-8276

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