FutureFive NZ - PS4 Battlefield 4 similar to PC "medium settings"

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PS4 Battlefield 4 similar to PC "medium settings"

YouTube video producer Jackfrags was one of the few lucky people to have some time on the PlayStation 4 version of Battlefield 4 at Gamescom and according to Pixel Enemy he has some good news.

Although there are no details of the game’s final resolution at this point, he mentions the game he experienced ran at 60fps, claiming it to be a "massive" difference when compared to current gen consoles.

Jackfrag played a 16 player game, infantry only with no vehicles on the Domination mode, however this was enough to get him excited and if you have played BF3 on the PC, the contrast is "night and day."

Using the term "worlds apart" to describe the difference between PS3 and PS4, while comparing the look to "medium" settings on a PC.

He also mentions that he "can tell" the game is not running at 1080p but the resolution was more than 720p. As yet DICE have not mentioned any resolution settings for the next-gen releases, but Jackfrag states the "lighting and texture" during his experience looked "great."

Is this good enough for a next-gen release or are you expecting all releases to reach higher standards than ‘medium settings’? Tell us your thoughts below

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