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PS4 more stable than other consoles

For those of us who remember buying the last generation of consoles at launch, setting them up, playing happily for a day or so (sometimes only hours), only to be greeted by the unwanted sight of the Xbox’s “red ring of death” or the Playstation 3’s “yellow light of death”, the news coming out from Sony will do much to appease your fears of a repeat with next gen consoles.

Nowgamer.com are reporting that due to the PS4’s low power consumption operating temperatures are between 5-35 degrees Celsius a sharp decrease from the PS3’s average of 45-55 – apparently if you creep over 60 degrees you are significantly increasing your chances of the “yellow light of death”.

Other specs released in the article shows that the PS4 has a maximum clock frequency of 2.75GHz and weighs approximately 2.8kg (the latest model of PS3 weighs 2.1kg, while the original fat PS3 weighs 5kg), with a model number for the PS4 will be CUH-1001A.

Unsurprisingly, the PS4 is also being manufactured in China and Japan.

This is welcome news for early adopters of the PS4. However time will tell if any other hardware issues arise, but in terms over overheating this seems to be a thing of the past.

News today on Game Console suggests Xbox One will outsell the PS4 3-to-1 when both consoles are launched later this year, do you agree? Should in fact Microsoft be worried? Tell us your predictions below

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