FutureFive NZ - PS4 Overheats during live video stream

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PS4 Overheats during live video stream

Video footage has appeared on YouTube of the next-gen PlayStation 4 freezing, after heating up during gameplay.

The video is short and sweet at 90 seconds and comes from French company Gamekyo during one of their live streams.

It shows two presenters talking while a cut-scene from a game plays in the background. The system is off-screen and apparently has been opened.

The presenters notice that the system is giving off heat and places his hand near the console. The second presenter does the same and agrees that there is significant heat being released by the system.

The presenters then talk to a Sony representative off-screen and then continue as if nothing is wrong.

Next thing the game starts to freeze. One of the presenter looks at the screen and then at the PS4 the game restarts but the frame-rate has dipped a lot. The presenters try to go to the home screen and then continue the game but this does not fix the problem and the video then ends.

A few days ago Shuhei Yoshida was questioned regarding the issue of the ‘Red Line of Death’, to which he answered the rumours are untrue.

After this video I’m not sure he can deny it?

Would this issue put you off purchasing a PS4? Or have you pre-ordered your console and are now worried? Tell us your thoughts below.

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