FutureFive NZ - PSP still going strong as Vita pre-orders begin - Updated

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PSP still going strong as Vita pre-orders begin - Updated

As retailers start taking pre-orders for Sony's new handheld gaming device, the PlayStation Vita, Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) NZ is reminding the country's gamers about the popularity of its predecessor, the PlayStation Portable.

The PSP, which SCE NZ is offering in a new, cheaper configuration called the PSP Street to smooth out the wait for the Vita, has sold 200,000 units in New Zealand since its launch in 2004, the company says.

At $189.95, the PSP Street could stay on the market for some time after the launch of the Vita, which at $449.95 for a wi-fi model and $549.95 for the wi-fi/3G version will stretch plenty of buyers’ budgets.

As an additional enticement towards the Vita, SCE NZ is offering a special gift pack for consumers willing to lay down a pre-order with retailers. The gift pack includes a set of in-ear headphones, a $10 discount on one of four Vita games, early access to the Vita game Frobisher Says!, an exclusive Vita avatar for the PlayStation Network, and a set of Vita items for PlayStation Home.

The Vita goes on sale on February 23.

Update: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has announced that Vodafone will be its preferred provider of 3G connectivity for the PlayStation Vita in 10 countries, including New Zealand.

Connectivity and social gaming are at the heart of the Vita's sales pitch, so SCEE president and CEO Jim Ryan says it was important to choose a market-leading network provider.

"Partnering with Vodafone will enable PS Vita users in the selected countries to always be connected with their PlayStation life, friends and games, wherever they are."

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