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PSP2 details revealed?

29 Oct 10

Popular gaming blog Kotaku claims its sources have revealed details about the long-rumoured PlayStation Portable 2 (PSP2). The details were reportedly first uncovered at the recent Tokyo Game Show.

Among the most important new details is the fact that the PSP2, much like the PSPgo, will ditch the UMD drive entirely, although it's understood that Sony has still not settled on the final storage solution for the device. 

The PSP2 is also said to feature the much-requested second analogue stick, bringing its control layout just that little bit closer to that of the PlayStation Sixaxis and Dual Shock controllers. According to Kotaku, the PSP2 also sports a touch panel on the rear of the system that looks like a "mouse trackpad", and it's said also to feature a larger "HD" display.

Perhaps most interestingly, though, is the assertion that the PSP2 will feature "twice the RAM of the Xbox 360" at approximately 1GB.