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IF YOU HAVEN’T played a Puzzle Quest title you could be in the minority. The original has been released on over 10 different platforms, and its sequel, Puzzle Quest 2, will likely do the same. Infinite Interactive has taken a tried-and true puzzle-game formula and done its best to turn it into a fully fl edged RPG. There’s a battle system with spells and weaponry, a plethora of minigames, online and offl ine multiplayer battles, and a single-player quest that is likely to run you through more than 20 hours of game time. While there are many RPGs out there these days with their own unique styles, there aren’t many that are based entirely on the ridiculously addictive ‘match three gems‘ style puzzle at the core of games like Bejeweled.
While this isn’t Infinite Interactive‘s first attempt at creating a sequel to the vastly successful originator, this will be the first successful one. Puzzle Quest: Galactrix tried to change things up a little too much and, in doing so, alienated fans of the first. Puzzle Quest 2 is all about going back to its roots and expanding on what worked the first time around. This time you not only have the ability to earn or find new spells; you can now upgrade the weaponry and armour that you assign to the different parts of your avatar’s body.
With a bunch of new mini-games (from busting down doors, to putting out fires, looting chests and casting spells) it’s hard to fi nd a reason to dislike Puzzle Quest 2. But alas, there is one reason: the overworld map promises so much and simply doesn’t deliver. While it would have been nice to run freely around the map, you’re locked down to a point-and-click style motion that usually locks you in to your destination. But it’s a small price to pay for a game that’ll have you hooked from start to fi nish

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