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Radical redesign of Facebook's apps proved wrong

16 Jan 2013

Online speculation was building that Facebook may announce a radical redesign of their mobile apps at the company's big event launch today, but it has so far proved to be false.

TechCrunch led the way, discussing the possibility that the social media giant has ditched the "empty blue and white chrome for full-screen photo tiles and overlaid text" on their mobile news feed.

While only rumours, comparisons started to liken the possibility to designs from Flipboard, Google+ for iPad and Microsoft Metro.

But author of article Josh Constine is adamant the design exists, regardless of whether it is in the pipeline.

Facebook actually revealed a new search engine called “Graph Search” this morning, unveiled by co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

The social media giant says the search engine will leverage their one billion members’ 240 billion photos and one trillion interpersonal connections.

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