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Ragdoll Blaster - A Physics Puzzler

12 Aug 2009

Do you love firing cannons and solving puzzles? Then Ragdoll Blaster from Backflip Studios is the game for you! Ragdoll Blaster combines the fun of firing ragdolls from cannons with the challenge of a puzzle game . . .while simulating real physics. It is fun, fast paced and addictive - requiring both agile fingers and an active mind. You simply touch the screen to aim and fire your ragdoll at increasingly more difficult targets. The object is to complete the levels using as few ragdolls as possible . . . easier said than done. This game is the latest entry in the popular ragdoll physics-based puzzle genre, but has been given an entirely new spin using the innovative controls of the iPhone/iPod Touch. It introduces a whole new world of springs, pistons, wheels, buttons, motors and other complex moving objects designed to enhance the game and prevent you from hitting targets. - Over 100 levels of puzzling fun - Incredibly simple yet addictive - Single tap to aim, fire and control velocity - Flying ragdolls - Intuitive user interface - Action packed - Real physics - Play in-game music or anything from your iPhone/iPod Touch - Scoring per level. Compare with friends - Saves game progress - Easy to play, difficult to master