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Ratchet: Gladiator

With fresh art direction, enhanced graphics and missing his side-kick, Ratchet: Gladiator brings a whole new universe to the much-loved series. Having been abducted by the deranged media mogul Gleeman Vox, Ratchet finds himself a contestant on ‘DreadZone’, the inter-galactic underground reality show. Until Ratchet can work out a way to escape, he is forced to fight in an array of battles and elaborate games of death. With all eyes on him, Ratchet becomes an unlikely TV superstar as the universe tunes in to watch him fight. This new storyline also comes complete with new game options, non-linear level design and heaps of vehicles and customisable weapons. Also for the first time in the series Ratchet: Gladiator features fully co-operative gameplay allowing a second player to seamlessly join in the arena-sport action at any time, in addition to a massive variety of multiplayer modes.

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