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Reasons why you should buy COD: Ghosts...

Over the weekend Mark Rubin, executive producer for Call of Duty: Ghosts, tweeted a short seven-second video briefly showing the new menu featuring Squads.

Not that Squads will not be available on current generation consoles, although this hasn’t been confirmed, but according to Quazen, Rubin confirmed that the maps will be dynamic for next-gen consoles.

This means the maps will now feature rain, sun, cloud and night scenarios. Many gamers have at least been asking for day and night variations of maps but it could not be possible on current gen consoles due to RAM issues.

With the next-gen line-up these issues have vanished and many gamer’s wishes can now become reality.

Not much was revealed by Rubin in his tweets aside from the teaser and stating that dynamic maps were not possible on current consoles because of the RAM.

Check out the video below:

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